Missions Camp
Training, Equipping, and Testing
Since 2006, we have been building a network of passionate world veteran missionaries and professionals who are dedicated to the security and success of the individuals we train.

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Training Camps & Seminars

Today, most Americans are not physically, mentally, or emotionally equipped to withstand the rising hostility and hardship of many foreign countries. Our training camps build confidence by combining relevant information with practical experience.
2020 Missions Camp
Dates: July 28th - Aug 14th 2020
Location: Southern Missouri
Cost: $800 ($300 deposit due April 1st)
Age: 18+ (Under 18 must apply for a waiver)

• Essential survival skills
• Emergency medical responce
• Cultural adaptation

• Church multiplying strategy
• Operations in hostile environments

This Year's Scenario:
Your team has been lead to pioneer a multiplying church movement among the 34 unreached people groups in a Central Asian country. This country has virtually no Evangelical Christian presence. Historically, the government has been hostile to any religion that does not submit to it's authority, especially Christianity. You will be working covertly to make contacts and influence people to consider Christ. If there is a fellowship of believers, you will make contact to encourage, strengthen, and equip them for future work.

The government enforces laws in an unofficial, arbitrary way (seemingly up to the discretion of independent government officers). You must be careful to not offend or otherwise cross government officials during your stay. The country also experiences a high level of terrorist activity, from groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other small Jihadist factions. The largest people group resides in the southeast part of the country. The Jihadist call to return to Afghanistan-like Muslim rule rings throughout the country, making it inherently risky to spread the Gospel or associate with Christian groups.

Much of your travel will be off-grid relying solely on the kindness of strangers. Expect hostile weather, exotic food, poor sanitation, and as mentioned above, you must be wise concerning your true intentions in the country. ​