Missions Camp
Training, Equipping, and Testing
Since 2006, we have been building a network of passionate world veteran missionaries and professionals who are dedicated to the security and success of the individuals we train.

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Training Camps & Seminars

Today, most Americans are not physically, mentally, or emotionally equipped to withstand the rising hostility and hardship of many foreign countries. Our training camps build confidence by combining relevant information with practical experience.
  1. Emergency Medical (3 Days)
    March 18th - 20th 2019: Cost: $300.00 Medical emergencies in the US are treated swiftly by placing a 911 call and waiting for first responders. In the 3rd world, you must be equipped to deal with traumatic injuries yourself while preparing for mobilization or evacuation. Based on the Military Tactical Combat Casualty Care, or TCCC, we teach civilians lifesaving essentials by combining classroom and hands on scenarios.
  2. Security for International Travelers (3 Days)
    March 25th - 27th 2019: Cost: $300.00 Most of us in the US tend to trust our environment, but both medium and high risk travel require a heightened sense of awareness, tangible personal security skills, and detailed contingency planning. This 3 day course is designed to make the traveler aware of his surroundings, staying out of harm's way and being prepared to react when necessary.
  3. Third World Survival (3 Days)
    March 21st - 23rd 2019: Cost $300.00 Whether you are at home or abroad, when things go wrong you must depend on knowledge and skill to stay safe. Our instructors will not only teach the skills you need but also prepare you mentally to endure the difficulties of wilderness survival. Book all 3 of the 3 day classes for $600
  4. Complete International Traveler (7 Days)
    June 22nd - 29th 2019: Cost $600.00 This course is a combination of the Emergency Medical Course, the Security for International Travelers Course, and the Third World Survival Course. The training will familiarize would be travelers with the skills necessary to withstand the hardships of world travel.
  5. Extreme Missions Scenario (18 Days)
    Coming summer of 2020! The Extreme Missions Scenario is a complete introduction to the hardships of world missions. Each course is a two and a half week scenario set in a specific country. Orientation Week will consist of Emergency Medical, International Security, and Third World Survival training. Week two will take place in a "village" where students will learn other hands on skills. The final portion is a scenario that puts all of the previously acquired skills to the test.
  6. Custom
    Courses could also be scheduled based on needs at various locations. Contact us to learn more.