Pioneer Work
Research, Recon, Report, Recruit
There are places in the world that have almost no Christian influence.  Very little historical data of Christianity exist, and their culture is absorbed with false religion. It is our desire
to see these places brought into the spotlight, so we can pray and work to bring their people to Christ.



Very little is known about the religious, cultural, and social aspects of the countries we visit. This research lays the groundwork for us to be able to conduct an effective survey trip.

Objective: Learn the history of Christianity and spiritual condition of the people.
In order to verify our information and make friendly contacts we go behind enemy lines into closed and restricted countries. 

Objective: look for open doors through which the gospel may be communicated. Search for entry visa



Through The Pioneer Project magazine, and personal presentations hundreds of churches hear about the people and opportunities of these isolated places.

Objective: Encourage a pioneeer movement in local churches.
Jesus said, "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborours are few." We are praying for men and women to go into these unreached places and establish Bible preaching churches.

Objective: Facilitate return trips with prospective missionaries.