​​Hey, Kids! We are the Stahlman family, and we would like to introduce you to world missions. Learn about missionaries who are serving right now in far away places. If you join, you will receive different items (like stamps and money) each month that you can collect from all around the world.  You will also learn many interesting facts about several different countries. Come on and join this adventure with us!

Subscribe to Passport to Missions:

Starter kit $9.99

Then only $4.99 per month (cancel at any time)

Please note: Items pictured are not the exact items that will be included. Each monthly subscription will contain random items. Please see description listed above.
Passport to Missions gIves children an opportunity to:

- Meet Missionary families
- Learn world geography
- Be challenged spiritually and physically
- And... get some really cool stuff from all over the world

Each month subscribers will receive a package containing: A gift, stamp, and currency from a foreign country, along with a letter from a missionary highlighting their field and will include a recipe and other training tips.
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