About Us
Dedicated to those who are passionate about missions
Inspiring, Training, and Exploring

Beyond Borders was founded primarily to aid local churches in training foreign missionaries. Throughout our years of training, we have come to realize that not just missionaries, but every Christian can benefit from the experience of a missions camp. The practical experiences coupled with difficult life lessons teach us to rely on God in times of hardship and help us better intercede for our missionaries.

Passionate about travel:
While some avoid the road less traveled we are drawn to it. We're dedicated to researching the dark places of the world, or shadowlands as we often call them. Our goal is to bring the need of these dark places to churches so that they can share our burden and participate in God's work there.

Passionate about training:
Medical and security emergencies arise without warning. We equip our students to respond decisively the instant the situation demands it. Confidence gained in this intense training will allow students to get more out of their time away while helping them mitigate dangers.

Passionate about our team:
We are very grateful to our original team which was made up of volunteers who cared enough to give their time and expertise. However, through the years we have added many professionals who are leaders in their fields. Today Beyond Borders instructors are the best of the best, bringing decades of experience from some of the harshest landscapes of the world.

Our extensive network of alumni and partners gives us strong relationships on the ground in nearly every country in the world.
Matt Stahlman
Beyond Borders Founder
 In 2000, Matt moved his family to Malawi, Africa where he founded several Baptist Churches along with the Chisomo Bible institute. As they worked throughout Southern Africa they were confronted with obstacles that many in first world countries rarely face. Almost every day held tragic accidents, security risks, and tropical diseases. In 2006, after watching many friends and coworkers struggle through living in a third world environment, the Beyond Borders concept was born. ​​

Since leaving Africa, Matt has also worked in Peru, Mexico, Bhutan, India, the Philippines, Guyana, and Azerbaijan. These experiences along with the interviews of hundreds of world travelers have shaped our current training model. By 2011 the BB team began to take shape bringing first class survival, medical, and security training to those wanting to prepare for the service of God. Today many students can receive college credit toward their degree through our training camps.

Hugh Coffee
Chief Medical Instructor 
Hugh L. Coffee has worked as a paramedic/firefighter for over 30 years.  During this time, he held both line and administrative EMS positions at the county and state levels.  He has provided emergency medical care and instruction in the austere environments of Guatemala, Kenya, Sudan and Peru.

In 1985, Hugh earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Georgia State University.  He is the author of Ditch Medicine, published by Paladin Press. His magazine articles have been featured in Soldier of Fortune and American Survival Guide. 

In the field of tactical medicine, Hugh is a graduate of the basic and advanced United States Park Police's CONTOMS (Counter Narcotics Tactical Operations Medical Support) program as well as Heckler and Koch's tactical medicine program.  Hugh served for 15 years as the team leader for the tactical medics assigned to the Henry County Police SWAT team.  He has completed a number of special operations courses such as the United States Army's SRT (Special Response Team) and Field Tactical Police Operations courses, FBI basic SWAT course and Clayton Regional Police Academy's SWAT Officer course. He is currently an ATOA Endorsed Law Enforcement Trainer.
Throughout the span of his career, Hugh has received numerous awards and commendations including the Chief's Award from Henry County Fire Department and Henry County Police Department SWAT Officer of the year on two occasions.
Tony Wood 
Survival Instructor 
Growing up in a pastor's home, Tony was inspired by stories of missionary adventures from around the world. His love for adventure combined with his concern for others has led him naturally down the path of practicing and teaching survival skills. Through the years Tony has honed his skills under the instruction of some of the finest survival and bush craft instructors in the country. In recent years he has added knife making to his list of accomplishments, which has allowed him to further understand the value and function of a quality tool in a survival situation. For more than 15 years he has lived and pastored in Southern Missouri. He has had the privilege to visit Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Guyana, France, Italy, and Egypt.

His knives can be seen at www.facebook.com/sheepsfootknives/
LTC Samuel E. Martin
Training Coordinator
LTC Samuel E. Martin is a retired US Army Engineer Officer.  He has a BA in Construction Engineering and Construction Management.  He spent 24+ years in the US Army managing both horizontal and vertical construction projects around the world.  He also assists ministries and missionaries with construction projects as well as filling the role of General Contractor on projects out of their capabilities.
Samuel has received advanced training in the areas of survival, navigation, personal and physical security, and emergency medicine.  He enjoys training people and imparting knowledge to assist people who are going to third world locations.  He has trained numerous foreign soldiers and civilian populace over the years in all areas mentioned above.
He has traveled to over 50 countries including American Samoa where his family served as missionaries. He also takes groups on trips to remote locations to perform necessary improvements for quality of life projects and security improvements.
Joshua M.
Joshua is a professional photographer and videographer. His work is fueled by his love for exotic places and unique cultures. As a teenager, he could always be found filming something to either entertain or inform someone. In 2001 he began volunteering his services to create videos to inform others on the needs of peoples and tribes in remote areas of the world. His missions work has taken him to virtually every corner of the world, a list of countries too vast to mention. Since 2012, Josh has worked with our training camps at Beyond Borders to bring a clear understanding of foreign culture and survival skills to our students. He has a deep love for the wilderness, especially in jungle climates. He honed his survival and cultural skills while spending a great deal of time in the remote areas and jungles of Peru, India, and Burma.
Jason D.​​
Jason and his wife attended the first Beyond Borders training camp in 2007 in preparation for living in the jungle of Peru. Since that time Jason has spent more time off grid than anyone on our team. His work in Peru has given him great firsthand experience in jungle survival, hostile encounters, treacherous driving, and much more. In 2013 Jason was reunited with our team to become a valuable instructor.
Recently, Jason has left the Peru and has worked in Ecuador, India, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Mexico, St. Lucia, Guyana, and Zambia.